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Celebrity Twin2Me lets you take an iPhone® or iPod touch® camera image, or a picture from the Image Library or from your Facebook photo albums, and find out what celebrities you and your friends look like. (The app looks ONLY at your face features, not skin color or hair color.) Matches that get a score of over 85% are considered a celebrity's twin! Share the results on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about your celebrity matches and buy celebrity stuff (music, videos and more) with our detailed info links. See and rate other peoples’ matches.

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  • Matches true facial features

    This is a real 'colorblind' face matching system that uses ONLY your facial features to find a list of celebrities who look the most like you and ranks them by percentage similarity. Since the core technology was designed to recognize people even if they are disguised, the app doesn't look at your hair or skin color, just the underlying structure of your face. And unless you choose to limit your results to only males or only females, it may match you with either. So you may be surprised and intrigued by who your best match is!

  • Fun with your friends

    Use existing pictures of your friends and family and send them the results. You can edit and tag your Facebook post with your friends' names so they're sure to see your posts. Lots of fun at parties or when you're just kicking it with the gang. See if you can improve your match quality with make-up or poses. And it's a great way to meet new people: "Hey, did you know you look like...?"

  • See and rank other matches

    With “View Other Matches” you can see other peoples’ matches and rank them yourself!

  • A huge database

    Our database of celebrities was created with advanced image search technology and is growing every day. Over 5000 celebrities are available for matching as of the app's release. Choose your favorite among the different thumbnails of your celebrity match. And we threw in some oddball celebs for the occasional surprise. Soon you’ll be able to buy special-interest databases to find more matches, like Bollywood celebs and 'classic' Hollywood stars.

  • Better face finding

    We’ve worked hard on this, and it’s easy to take a good picture the first time. Just remember, this app is using real face recognition, so it really needs to find your face.  If the lighting is too low or too bright, or if you’re taking the picture from a weird angle or wearing big sunglasses, then you can still get an error. However, if you take a picture straight on, with the face in the guidelines, in good lighting, Twin2Me is the best celebrity doppelganger generator you can find.

  • Advanced technology

    We have taken military-grade face recognition technology and used it for peaceful purposes. Over 15 years of research has made this face recognition technology the best in the world, but we decided it was time to have some fun with it!

  • Requirements Compatible with iPhone®, iPod touch®. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.
    Version 1.6 (released on December 16, 2011)


Celebrity Twin2Me is an exciting application that finds your celebrity doppelganger from a database of thousands of stars. It’s lots of fun at parties or when you’re just hanging out. And it’s just what you need to get ready for Doppelganger Week!

This is no ordinary celebrity matching program, this uses a military grade facial recognition program developed by BioID based in Europe. This allows you to search our huge database, not only for the closest celebrity match, but how well you match to other celebrities also. You can share the results instantly with your friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, and even see and rate other peoples’ matches.

Not only do we have popular Hollywood celebrities, but soon you’ll be able to buy specialty databases with stars from Bollywood, South Asia, and classic Hollywood films.

Celebrities can use Celebrity Twin2Me to increase their name recognition, strengthen the relationships with look-alikes and fans, increase traffic on celebrity websites, and increase sales of music, videos, books, or other celebrity related items.


Celebrity Twin2Me V1.6 released on December 16, 2011

  • NewGet celebrity stuff! Once you've found your celebrity twin, you can use direct links to get related celebrity stuff (music, videos and more) on both Amazon and iTunes from the "Celebrity Info" page!
  • NewSee and rank other matches! With "See Other User Matches", you can now step back through all the matches 5 at a time and vote for the good (or bad) ones.
  • FixedFixed some of the app crashing issues.
  • MiscMinor app improvements.


Q: I get a 'face not found' error. What's wrong?
The app needs to have a good-quality image of the face to do an accurate match to the celebrities. Here are some things to check:
a) Is your face evenly and well-lit? Strong light from just one side (e.g. near a window) or from above will cast shadows that hide parts of your face.
b) Make sure both eyes are visible and that your hair doesn't hide your face.
c) Check that the photo includes your entire head, and doesn't cut off the top or sides. The software needs to locate your whole head, and then zero in on your face.
d) Make sure your face isn't angled, or your chin tilted down. Think 'mug shot' and don't try to be artistic.
e) If the image is blurry, it can't match well. Make sure you hold still especially in low light.
f) Too much light is bad too. Strong highlights from the sun take out all detail because of over-exposure.
g) The on-camera flash 'flattens' the face and usually over-exposes it. Try to take the shot without flash.
h) There should only be one face in the image. If you're selecting from the image library, you can zoom and crop to zero in on one face.

Q: Can I wear glasses/piercings/makeup?
Glasses are OK if they are what you generally wear, but some glasses can cause the face finder to fail. If so, remove then and try again. Sunglasses are almost always a problem and shouldn't be worn. Most piercings don't cover enough of the face to create problems. Extremely heavy make-up hides your face's real features, so your best matches may not really look very much like you.

Q: I'm female, but I get some male results in my Match List.
The app doesn't know which gender you are, so you may get a few results of the opposite sex. You can filter out using the Gender filter.

Q: I get all  male results but I'm female (or all female results, but I'm male) or no match results.
If you used the gender filter on your last match, the setting 'sticks', so you may need to reset it to your gender or to "Any".

Q: I'm (white/black) but I get some (black/white) match results.
The application doesn't try to assess skin color. In fact, the images are converted to greyscale before they are matched. Your match list will show the closest match based on facial features, not race or ethnicity.

Q: I'm young, but I get a much older person in my match list.
Sometimes this is because your match what that older person looked like when they were your age, but the thumbnail shown is how they look now. You might look for a younger thumbnail of that celeb that makes it clear why you got the match. Other times, it may just be that there are no other close matches. You'll see that you match percentage is very low.

Q: What does the match percentage mean?
The biometric server gives a result between 0 and 1 for each match. This gets converted to a percentage, but the app doesn't 'see' people the same way we do so we don't just convert .1 to 10%, .2 to 20% and so on. An 85% or over match is excellent and depending on how 'typical' the picture is of you, you could be mistaken for that celebrity. A 75% match is a very good one. A 65% match suggests that there are some similar features, but the match isn't really close. Around 50% is not really a match at all, it's just a slight similarity. Below that is not usually seen in your Match List, because there are almost always enough better matches.


February 1, 2012: Press release Twin2Me

Celebrity Twin2Me updated for Doppelganger Week

Easier and more fun to generate celebrity lookalikes

Carson City, Nevada – February 1, 2012 – Twin2Me, Inc. announced today that recent updates to its celebrity lookalike generator iPhone app, Celebrity Twin2Me, make it even easier to find a perfect match and make great photos for the upcoming “Doppelganger Week”, which begins February 5. Started on Facebook a few years ago, Doppelganger Week is a popular internet meme where people change their social network profile picture to that of a TV or movie star, musician, athlete, or other famous person they resemble.

Using military-grade facial recognition technology, Celebrity Twin2Me lets users take an iPhone® or iPod touch® camera image, or a picture from the Image Library or from their Facebook photo albums, and find out what celebrities they and their friends look like, based on facial features (not hair, skin or eye color). Users can share results through Facebook and Twitter. The database of celebrities has been significantly expanded since last year’s Doppelganger Week, giving more and better match results. Recent upgrades provide several views of the match including a split-face view and the ability to morph the user’s face with the celebrity’s for even more interesting profile photos. And users can now find and rate other peoples’ matches. The product website has also been updated as well, to provide more information about the app.
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